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Komarov Diploma The V.M. Komarov Diploma

from the Federation Aeronautique Internationale

1972, 1981

The V.M. Komarov Diploma is the only FAI space award which recognizes achievement by a crew rather than an individual - Capt. Young represented the Apollo 16 crew for this award in Dublin, Ireland, presented September 3, 1973.

The STS-1 crew was also honored with this award.

This Diploma was established by the FAI in 1970 to honor the memory of Soviet Cosmonaut Komarov who participated in the world record space flight of Voskhod 1 in 1964, and who lost his life while serving on a cosmic flight. It may be awarded annually to astronauts, members of multi-seater crews, for outstanding achievements in the field of exploration of outer space in the previous year. The maximum number of crews to be recognized annually shall be three.

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